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Finding a name for your band is not easy. Until now! With the Band Name Generator your band gets new ideas each second. It will give you the perfect foundation for a great brainstorming, ending up in the best band name ever created!

You are not searching for a band name? No worries, Band Name Generator is also a great game for get-togethers and parties! Just generate some great names and think about what the band’s history could be like, or even possible songs.

The carefully chosen set of words guarantees both serious and funny band names to be generated.

But hold on, there is more to it! Band Name Generator even generates logos which fit the band name. Since the icons are all produced by us, you can just go ahead and use the logo for your purposes. Keep in mind: The algorithm tries to create a strong connection between the random name and the generated logo. Adjectives result in special versions of the respective images and also the prepositions (in, at, on) are taken into account while creating a logo.

Go ahead and have a good laugh when generating band names like „Sex Position with Singer" or „Chest Hairs in Person". One can only imagine what the logos for these funny band names could look like. That's why you should definitely stop reading and start generating right now!

Examples of band names from generator

  • Sunny Toilet & Precious Juice
  • The Hungry Crap Band
  • Rock Band with Uterus
  • The Invisible Booger
  • Furry Inspired Girl
  • A Yummy Ritual with Venus
  • Addictive Cigar with Controlling Capable Hands
  • Wicked Rain of Flying Chocolate
  • No Use For A Band Name
  • Horny Bratwurst
  • Brown Personal Booger
  • Educated Persons With Furry Babies
  • The Human Guitar
  • Wild Horses At The Party
  • Machine With Blond Hair
  • Blind Superheroes On Fire
  • Disgusting Toothpaste
  • Terrible Tears In Toilet Water
  • Suspicious Chest Hair
  • Black Booties